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REVIEW - Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth

Four: A Divergent Collection - Veronica Roth

Four: A Divergent Collection is a bind up of short stories, told from the perspective of Four, that take place in the world of Divergent.

In this book, you get to know who Four was before he was Four, who he was once he became Four and who he is once he meets Tris.


The Transfer (#0.1)

The transfer takes place two years before the events of Divergent take place. In this story, you get to meet Tobias Eaton, while still a member of abnegation, going through his choosing ceremony. Throughout the pages, you come to really understand who Tobias is, why he chose to leave his faction and why he chose Dauntless as his new home.


The Initiate (#0.2)

Now on to Tobias' initiation to become Dauntless. Throughout the initiate, you will also meet a key character to the Divergent series, Eric, who later becomes a Dauntless leader. In the initiate, you get to see Tobias grow, you see for yourself what events take place to shape and mold the character known as Four.


The Son (#0.3)

Tobias, finally being a full member of Dauntless, now struggles to find a place in the hierarchy of Dauntless. This is where he begins to suspect that a foul plan is brewing withing the Dauntless leadership. Tobias also discovers a truth about his past that could affect his future.


The Traitor (#0.4)

Two years later, running parallel with the beginning of Divergent, Tobias uncovers the details of a plan, made by Erudite, that could threaten the faction system. Throughout this time, Tobias is getting to know a new transfer initiate, whom came from abnegation, known as Tris Prior.


I, being a huge fan of the Divergent series and the character known as Four, couldn't wait to get my hands on this bind up of four stories told from the perspective of Four. I quite enjoyed reading from his point of view, as well as getting to know how a boy went from being Tobias Eaton from abnegation to Four from Dauntless. Overall, this book is a must read for Divergent & Four fans. I know I, personally, could never get enough of Four, and this book just made the series all the more enjoyable. A definite 5/5 star rating for this beauty!