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Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir, and Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir, a Vampire, are two teens who’ve runaway from they prestigious boarding school, St Vladimir’s Academy, a school strictly for Moroi (Vampires) and Dhampirs (half human, half vampire). The reason for running? They suspect they’re in danger at the Academy and need to hide at all costs. After missing part of their sophomore year and their junior year, the Guardians, who are Dhampirs, have finally found the two teens and bring them back to the Academy. There the two girls are scolded immensely for their disappearance but are accepted back. But not without consequence. Rose, who is far behind in her training, must now take on an extra workload if she wants to graduate by the end of the year. Welcome Dimitri Belikov, her new personal trainer & one of the Academy’s best Guardians. Will Rose be able to accomplish what needs to be done in order to graduate and become a Guardian herself? Or will she fail? Is Lissa really in danger as the two thought?
The first time I ever read Vampire Academy was when it was released in Canada for the first time, which was years ago. I hadn't read it since, until recently. I had been meaning to re-read this one for a while, so I could continue on with the series, seeing as it was now officially over, and there was a new spin-off series to accompany it. I remember precisely being very fond of the story Richelle Mead told, and enjoying every bit of it. But this was when I was much younger, barely even a teenager. Now that I'm a young adult, I want to see if I would enjoy this book just as much as I did back then. And I must be honest with you, I think I enjoyed it even more! First off I must applaud Richelle Mead on her amazing writing style and how she portrays her characters, making you feel like you yourself are playing the part of Rose. And secondly I'd like to just say how amazing of a story this is. I love the whole dimension of the world which this novel takes place in, I love the idea of Moroi; the 100% vampire's who are mostly royal, the Dhampirs; the 50% vampire 50% human off springs of either human & Moroi relations or Dhampirs & Moroi, and lastly the Strigoi; the 'undead' vampires or dhampirs. What I find most interesting are the Strigois and how to become one you must be either a vampire or dhampir, and you need to either completely drain another vampire or need another Strigoi to perform the act of changing you. This world is so complex and captivating, and lately with the genre of Vampires being so over hyped, it's been tough finding a good story line that doesn't involve a human & vampire falling in love. This one definitively takes the cake when it comes to being an original vampire novel, and out of the ordinary while being extraordinary vampire novel. 5/5 stars for Vampire Academy & for the lovely author Richelle Mead, and her captivating story.