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Angels' Blood

Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh Angels' Blood, in my opinion, was such an powerfully entrancing novel that had me hooked from the beginning. Before finding this book on my recommendations list here on Goodreads, I'd never heard of this novel nor of the author Nalini Singh. But, reading only the synopsis, I already couldn't wait to pick this book up. From the first chapter on I was hooked, every minute I had free was spent reading this novel, and I never seemed to be able to get enough of the story. The main character, Elena Deveraux, was, even in her world, considered kind of an outcast for being so strong; mentally, physically and emotionally, and for never doubting herself when it came to her work being a vampire hunter. To my surprise, the story brought a twist which was how the vampire where created. In this universe, vampires where created from simple everyday humans, but the twist? The angels where the ones creating them. Simply the fact that there are angels and vampires make this story so interesting. But what makes it even better is how the people of this world know of vampires and angels, which is a rarity among novels. When the beautiful and seductive arch angel Raphael comes to Elena for assistance alone is such a surprise for her as well as the reader, but another twist comes with whom Raphael need Elena to hunt down. Of course I'll keep you guessing who that is, because it was another reason as to why I couldn't help but read every moment I had. I highly look forward to reading the other novels in the series as well as more by the author.