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The Selection

The Selection - Kiera Cass After the downfall of the United States of America's government, caused by debt, and many new government take over's later, you find yourself on the same ground but with a different name. Illéa, named after the man who saved the country from it's own demise, is being ruled by a royal family. The heir to the thrown has finally come of age to find a betrothed. This is where the Selection comes in play. Girls from all over the country apply for the contest to win the Prince's hand and the crown. Only thirty-five of those girls are chosen as finalist and go on to the Selection. America, a girl from the artist cast known as 5, is one of those thirty-five girls. The only problem? She doesn't want to be. Unlike many citizens of Illéa, America has already fallen in love, which leads to breaking the rules, such as curfews, to be able to secretly date Aspen, her first love. Being that Aspen is from 6, he urges America to enter the Selection, in hopes of her having a better life. Through out the Selection, and the many catastrophes that comes from thirty-five girls fighting for a crown, America finds herself slowly but surely falling in love with the Prince, whom returns such emotions. Not long after the Selection has begun do the rebels attack the Palace. This leads the royal family, namely Prince Maxon, to make the decision of eliminating all but 6 girls, leading straight into the Elite. During this shocking revelation, American finds herself being the last of the six's names to be called, officially entering the Elite.
I personally like the main idea of the novel, the part of where the United States have had there demise and that after many wars, are now know as the kingdom of Illéa, and to keep the people united in this kingdom, the royal family hosts the Selections. However, I'm not the type of person who likes sappy romances, which for me this novel was definitively one. I found myself, once I'd reached halfway through the book, skimming the pages more then anything, and only reading the parts where the characters interact which each, simply so I could finish the book. If you're a fan on dystopian and contemporary romance novels, then I think you should definitively check this one out, seeing as the story itself was written wonderfully. But be warned, if you're like me and prefer more action than romance, this may not be the novel for you. Simply because of the romance, which is a main key to the novel, I rater this book 3 out of 5 stars being that I liked it but don't think I'll ever pick it up again.