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Macbeth (Mass Market)

Macbeth (Mass Market) - Paul Werstine, Barbara A. Mowat, William Shakespeare Personally, I am not such a Shakespeare fan. Why? Simple, because he wrote plays. I'm the type of person who enjoys reading because you get to experience what the story is like for the character rather then just seeing them act out the story on tv or in a movie. I'm not so much a fan of reading plays, because for me all it is is the script to a live movie, which doesn't offer very much in the views of the characters.
But, out of all playwrights I've ever read, I must admit that I do enjoy Shakespeare much better then some of the more modern plays. I've rated Macbeth 3 stars out of 5, simply because of the fact that it being a play was harder for me to stay interested in reading. But as far as the play itself, I have no doubt that I'd enjoy seeing this play being acted out live in the theater.