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Anthology I: The Other Side

Anthology I: The Other Side - Hamidah Gul I've had this book for a while now, winning it in a giveaway here on goodreads. I did originally start it once I received it, having like the synopsis, but put it down half way through because the stories weren't was I was expecting going into the novel. This novel is a collection of horror short stories, all written by the same author, and is actually quite short. I would have most likely finished this in less then a day, had I not been more interested spending my time reading something I found more enjoyable. I finished reading it at the end of last year, simply to reach my 2013 goodreads challenge. In my opinion, the writing is fantastic, but the stories weren't very 'scary' and shouldn't have been described as horror/thriller short stories. The up side? When they say short stories, they mean short stories. The book it self is probably around 2cm wide, so a really short book. I've mentioned it time and time again, I'm not the biggest fan of short stories, and this one really disappointed because I went into under the false pretense of it being of the horror genre. I think if the stories lived up to is description and where the type to actually send a chill up your spine, I would have enjoyed it much more and given it a higher star rating. Unfortunately, it isn't, causing it to only receive 2 out of 5 stars for the authors writing style.