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Hello lovelies! You can either call me Jenn or Jay, which ever you like. I'm a Canadian college student, currently studying Photography. I'm an avid book reader & writer, spending most of my free time either reading, writing or taking artistic photographs. Visit my other blog http://dauntlesslydivergent.wordpress.com/

Going Too Far

Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols Going Too Far is exactly what this short novel did to my heart. The day I bought it, I dived in immediately and didn't put it down until I finished it around 3 in the morning. This book pulled and tugged at my heart strings and made me fall in love with both the main characters, Meg & Jogn and left me wanting more. What pulled me in initially was how closely I could compare myself to the main character Meg and how she desperately wants to get away from her small town and does crazy things like dye her hair blue. And then there was John, who I could just picture in my mind, being a cop whom essentially helps Meg return to her true self all the while accepting her no matter what. I'm personally not one for romance/contemporary novels, but this one just swooped me up and took my breath away. One of my all time favorites and if possible, would have given it a rating of 10 out of 5 stars, I loved it so much. A most definite re-reading in 2014, a year after my first time reading it.