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Hello lovelies! You can either call me Jenn or Jay, which ever you like. I'm a Canadian college student, currently studying Photography. I'm an avid book reader & writer, spending most of my free time either reading, writing or taking artistic photographs. Visit my other blog http://dauntlesslydivergent.wordpress.com/


Switched  - Amanda Hocking I'm going to be honest and straight forward. Before purchasing this book, I knew absolutely NOTHING about it, and had never heard of the author or the book before. I was in my local bookstore, browsing, and I happened to see this on the YA fiction shelf. The cover and title caught my eye, leading me to read the synopsis of the book. After reading the synopsis, I immediately put it in my cart and couldn't wait to read it. With that being said, I read it that night once I got home. Before reading this novel, I had never read anything that involved supernatural creatures such as elves or trolls. This series in particular, features trolls as the species of most of the characters featured. I loved it 100%. I fell in love with the Trylle universe, especially with Finn, and wanted more. I read this entire book in a span of a few days, only because I needed sleep and had work & school to deal with. Soon after I went back to the bookstore looking for the second book in the trilogy. I, at the time, couldn't find it. Because of this, I put off reading the trilogy, but had it in the back of my mind. A few months ago, seeing as this review is being written almost a year after, I stumble upon the box set, and knew I had to buy. Now here I am, with two copy of this first installment in the series. This book had become my favorite after just reading the first few chapters. Will be a definite re-read in the near future, and is one of my top favorite series of all time. 5 out of 5 stars.