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Hello lovelies! You can either call me Jenn or Jay, which ever you like. I'm a Canadian college student, currently studying Photography. I'm an avid book reader & writer, spending most of my free time either reading, writing or taking artistic photographs. Visit my other blog http://dauntlesslydivergent.wordpress.com/

Noises Off

Noises Off - Michael Frayn A play within a play. Sounds confusing right? I thought so too once hearing that. I essentially only read this play because it was mandatory in my English Writers Craft course, seeing as I'm not big on play wrights. Overall, I did enjoy it, most likely because I read this as play with other students, each of us having a specific role in the book, and as far as plays go it was funny and interesting. Most likely won't re-read this one again, because as I mentioned before, I'm not to big on plays, but I do NOT regret reading it one bit. 3 out of 5 stars, mainly because it was a play.