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Hello lovelies! You can either call me Jenn or Jay, which ever you like. I'm a Canadian college student, currently studying Photography. I'm an avid book reader & writer, spending most of my free time either reading, writing or taking artistic photographs. Visit my other blog http://dauntlesslydivergent.wordpress.com/

Reading progress update: I've read 92 out of 384 pages.

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

Going to take a break from this one, simply because I own it and can read it whenever, & because I just got my hands on a library copy of the duff, which I've had on hold since the movie came out, and it's due back in a week.

Reading progress update: I've read 92 out of 384 pages.

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

This book is still killing me to read. I just can't get into it!

Reading progress update: I've read 47 out of 384 pages.

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

Not sure how I'm going to like this book in its entirety. At the moment, not really a fan. Kind of boring, even with the action scenes, and is confusing. Let's hope this changes soon!

Graceling - Kristin Cashore

I absolutely loved this book! From the first chapter on, I was addicted. The only downside I find, is that I absolutely disliked the ending. I personally think the author could have made such an amazing ending to the book, but ended up with an average one that, as I mentioned before, did not like at all.

A full review will be posted soon.

My Soul to Steal

My Soul to Steal  - Rachel Vincent Rating - 3.5/5
This was my least favorite book of the series. Didn't really enjoy it, mainly because at certain moments it felt like pointless teenage banter, which made me not want to read it.
Review to be added soon

Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 356 pages.

Perfect Ruin - Lauren DeStefano

This book is absolutely amazing. It had me hooked from chapter one, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Reading progress update: I've read 93 out of 328 pages.

Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce

Where oh where have I been?!

I'm right smack dab in the middle of midterms for College right now, so I've had little to no time to read or surf the web. Well, to be honest, that's been happening since September when I resumed classes. I have been reading here and there, but haven't been making much progress. I'm currently reading Sisters Red, a book I started last year and decided to keep it for the Halloween season. Not sure if I'll actually be able to finish it before November comes, but I'm trying!

I was also reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but after being only about 20 pages in, I'm not interested. I think it has to do mainly with the way the book was written. I've already seen the movie, one which I thought was excellent, which prompted me to want to read the book, but now I'm not so sure. Haven't decided yet whether or not I'm going to put it down permanently.

Reading Challenge

Has anyone else had any problems with their reading challenge here?

No matter how many books I've actually read, for some reason the number of books read for the challenge never changes.

Anyone else having this problem?

Reading progress update: I've read 50 out of 352 pages.

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

So I've pretty much been stuck on this book for what seems like weeks now, which it probably has been. I just can't get into it, especially since each chapter is told from a different characters p.o.v & it's either before or after Mia was found. I'm just not liking the writing style, which is extremely difficult for me to read. I don't think I'll be finishing this book anytime soon. Maybe in the future?

Reading progress update: I've read 197 out of 440 pages.

Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson

Not sure if I'm going to enjoy this book. It's far from what I thought it'd be. The reviews I've heard of it made it sound amazing but so far it's slow and boring and I'm not a fan of the 'beasties'. I'll probably finish this one, but I don't promise I'll read it word for word (i've been skimming it pretty much) and won't post a long/detailed review.

Reading progress update: I've read 245 out of 373 pages.

Born of Illusion - Teri Brown

I think I set my expectations for this a little too high. It's a good book but not as great as I imagined it.

REVIEW - Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth

Four: A Divergent Collection - Veronica Roth

Four: A Divergent Collection is a bind up of short stories, told from the perspective of Four, that take place in the world of Divergent.

In this book, you get to know who Four was before he was Four, who he was once he became Four and who he is once he meets Tris.


The Transfer (#0.1)

The transfer takes place two years before the events of Divergent take place. In this story, you get to meet Tobias Eaton, while still a member of abnegation, going through his choosing ceremony. Throughout the pages, you come to really understand who Tobias is, why he chose to leave his faction and why he chose Dauntless as his new home.


The Initiate (#0.2)

Now on to Tobias' initiation to become Dauntless. Throughout the initiate, you will also meet a key character to the Divergent series, Eric, who later becomes a Dauntless leader. In the initiate, you get to see Tobias grow, you see for yourself what events take place to shape and mold the character known as Four.


The Son (#0.3)

Tobias, finally being a full member of Dauntless, now struggles to find a place in the hierarchy of Dauntless. This is where he begins to suspect that a foul plan is brewing withing the Dauntless leadership. Tobias also discovers a truth about his past that could affect his future.


The Traitor (#0.4)

Two years later, running parallel with the beginning of Divergent, Tobias uncovers the details of a plan, made by Erudite, that could threaten the faction system. Throughout this time, Tobias is getting to know a new transfer initiate, whom came from abnegation, known as Tris Prior.


I, being a huge fan of the Divergent series and the character known as Four, couldn't wait to get my hands on this bind up of four stories told from the perspective of Four. I quite enjoyed reading from his point of view, as well as getting to know how a boy went from being Tobias Eaton from abnegation to Four from Dauntless. Overall, this book is a must read for Divergent & Four fans. I know I, personally, could never get enough of Four, and this book just made the series all the more enjoyable. A definite 5/5 star rating for this beauty!

Reading progress update: I've read 161 out of 373 pages.

Born of Illusion - Teri Brown

Reading progress update: I've read 117 out of 373 pages.

Born of Illusion - Teri Brown

So I've finally made some good progress with this book. It's so interesting, can't believe I waited this long to read it! I'm hoping that it gets even better, to hopefully take me out of this reading slump I'm in!

Reading progress update: I've read 55 out of 373 pages.

Born of Illusion - Teri Brown

Even though this is such an interesting topic for a book and the story is very well written, I'm just stuck in a reading slump, so I'm taking this one slower than normal.

Once I'm finished should I post a full review?

Reading progress update: I've read 50 out of 352 pages.

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

So I've heard from a few people that this book is really good, comparable to Gone Girl. It does seem interesting and well written. My only problem? Is that it's a mystery/crime novel, which is definitively not my forte. I'm more of a distopian, paranormal, fantasy kind of girl. So it's unfortunately taking me forever to read this one. Since I did receive it for review, I'm trying my best to read it every night, but with the amount of other books I want to read it's just so hard. Not to mention the fact that I've been in a reading slump lately! :(